To become a member you will need to complete a Membership Form
and pay the club Membership dues.

Membership dues are $25 per year for an individual membership and $35 per year for a family membership, with an initial application fee of $10 per person, to cover the cost of name tags, new-member packets, and the like.

Individuals under the age of 18 pay no dues but must pay the initial application fee. Please note that anyone under 18 attending a Desert Woodcrafters activity must be accompanied by an adult Desert Woodcrafters member.

Annual dues are for a twelve-month period.

Members have access to all of the programs and services offered by Desert Woodcrafters:

- regular demonstrations of woodturning techniques
- a lending library of books, magazines, videotapes, and DVDs
- auctions and raffles of tools and wood
- critique of works
- opportunities for collective purchase of wood and supplies
- a mentoring program
- and, of course, the chance to regularly share ideas, questions, and advice with other turners.

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