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President's Message

Desert Woodcrafters,

My Goals for 2020

  • Increase our Participation in Community Projects.
  • Have Excellent Demo's each month to share and grow our skills.
  • Increase participation in Show & Tell of members work.
  • Grow our membership from 51 to over 60 members.
  • Enjoy fellowship with members.

Paul Swane
2020 President
Desert Woodcrafters.


For Each Meeting

  • Plan on what pieces you want to bring to the next meeting for the "instant gallery."
  • It's a perfect time to share your work with other club members.
  • If you find something of interest in the instant gallery, take the time to ask the maker about it may be about how it was constructed, techniques used, or finishing.
  • It's time to share our thoughts with others.
  • Anyone with donations (e.g. tools, machinery, library books or videos) see any one of the committee members.