Club History

The Desert Woodcrafters Association was formed in May of 1992. In 1990 Lee Augst, Gene Sandusky, and Al Samuelson started traveling to Phoenix for their woodworking meetings. During these trips they would often talk about having a club in Tucson.

In 1991 Lee opened a Shopsmith store on Oracle Road. They met as SS woodworkers who would buy items and watch Lee do demo's. They continued to talk about forming a club in Tucson. Al contacted Shopsmith and they put him in touch with a club in Florida. The club forwarded their by-laws and other information.

In March of 1992 after one of Lee's demo's, about 8 or 10 fellows had a meeting and finalized plans to start a club in Tucson. The club was organized in April 1992.

The officers were: Dennis Coyle, President; Ron Tuuri Vice President; Al Samuelson, Treasurer; and Art Zernheld, Secretary. The following committees were formed: Location, Bill Powell; Program-Lee Augst; Library; Clint Jarvis; Newsletter, Gene Sandusky & Jim Zimmerman.

At the start of the club, there were 15 dues paying members. They met at Lee's shop on the First and Third Thursdays of the month and occasionally on Saturdays at 7:00 PM.

So, a great big thank you goes to Lee and his fellow woodworkers for starting Desert Woodcrafters. Today we have over 70 members and are still growing.

Charter Members

Adams, Lloyd
Augst, Lee
Bailey, James R
Bobb, Dennis
Coyle, Dennis
Eyer, Warren L.
Gran, Michael
Hackney, Gerry
Jarvis, Clinton
Kurtzweg, Fred
McCafferty, Arthur
Moulson, Ed
Newkirk, Earl W.
Powell, Bill
Powell, Patty
Roudabush, Herb
Samuelson, Al
Sandusky, Gene
Scsavnicki, Keith
Sweeney, Cliff
Tensing, Ben
Toy, Keith
Tuuri, Ron
Vogel, Don
Watts, Merle
Wong, Ronald
Zimmerman, James
Zirnheld, Art

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